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How do I order a bespoke race suit?

Here are the answers to the questions most frequently asked about how to order a Fyshe bespoke race suit.

Get in touch

To commission your bespoke race suit simply get in touch with us either via the contact form on or by giving us a call UK +44 (0)1327 855 547 or Italy +39 (0)423 180 3742. We will talk you through the process of creating your Fyshe bespoke race suit and answer any questions.

How do I create a race suit design?

Some race suit designs may have to comply with sponsors requirements and an agreed high-level design whereas others start with as little as a doodle on a piece of paper. We can cater for both of these and everything in between.

Once we know your outline design ideas and desired logos or sponsor marks, our design department will create digital drawings of your Fyshe bespoke race suit for consideration.

What about logos?

We offer a range of logo application options: embroidery, screen print and heat transfer printing. All logos will need to be sent to us in a vector file format; usually the file name ends in .EPS but the file can also end in .Ai or .PDF. If you don't have the logo files then your sponsors or championship organisers should be able to assist. Unless specified by the championship organiser, logo sizing and placement on the race suit is your choice. If you are unsure, then our design team, who are highly skilled and experienced in working with some of the world’s largest and most valuable brands, is on hand to assist.

Learn more about our logo options here

What homologation do I need?

Fyshe bespoke race suits comply with the FIA 8856-2018 and SFI 3.3/5 homologations covering most levels of motorsport. Your championship organiser will confirm whether your bespoke racesuit requires to be FIA or SFI homologated.

How do I take my measurements?

We STRONGLY recommend that, wherever possible, a member of the Fyshe team is involved in taking of your race suit measurements. We offer a bespoke in-person consultation for clients visiting or based in the UK or Italy. For clients based elsewhere we organise a video call to oversee the taking of suit measurements.


Fyshe offer a wide range of options to personalise your race suit. If there are particular details you'd like us to add then provided it can be homologation compliant we will endeavour to find a way to include it. Please feel free contact us for an exploratory conversation about your ideas to make your bespoke race suit truly one-of-a-kind..


Once your measurements have been taken and you're happy with your digital race suit design, you will be asked to confirm your order and an invoice for payment will be raised.


Delivery is typically between 4-6 weeks; once your order is confirmed you will receive an exact delivery date.

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