Why Choosing The Best Race Underwear Is Vital For Your Racing

If you think about it: your body actually never comes in to direct contact with your race suit, nor your boots for that matter.

Having that 2nd layer of skin is so important to feeling comfortable and performing at your absolute optimum at the track. If you feel too hot, you're sweating too much and you feel overall lethargic whist racing your car your mind isn't going to be concentrated on the absolute prize.

What to look for in underwear-

Firstly you need to make sure that the underwear is fully FIA approved, both adidas Climacool and Techfit ranges exceed the current standards.

Next you want to decide what kind of fit you are most comfortable with, some people like the ultra stretchy and tight fitted like the Techfit offering, whilst others prefer a more relaxed/ softer fit of the Climacool.

Colours are up to you, there's pro's and con's of both black and white. Black will look fresher for longer, but it will attract more heat whereas white will reflect the heat more but you may have to replace them more often due to the nature of wearing white in hot conditions.

Techfit vs Climacool, what's the difference?-

Techfit is a super compression garment which is designed to form around your body and help with blood flow and cooling. It's ultra light weight and you will hardly feel it when you're wearing it.

Climacool uses a very soft material which is extremely comfortable to the touch, it's a slightly more comfort based fit, more like a regular long sleeve t-shirt. On the back there's a breathable mesh which helps circulate air and aids in moisture wicking at the most affected part where you sit vs the seat.

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