Race Suits

Adidas FIA approved race suit incorporates proven technologies to provide a high level of protection whilst also affording greater performance, stamina and comfort for the driver.

Developed in conjunction with a leading research facility and Adidas development drivers from NASCAR, IndyCar, LMP1 & GT, these racing suits offer maximum cooling and breathability in the most demanding environments.

The ClimaCool fabrics actively conduct heat and sweat away from the body and allow air to circulate close to the skin and reduce core body temperature.

Adidas auto racing suits have evolved over the years to incorporate more safety features, protecting the driver not only from dirt and oil, but also from fire and heat. By using materials such as Nomex enables the driving suit to become flame and fire resistant.

These fire suits serve a dual purpose of identifying the driver outside the car, and protecting them during a fire.

New developments and technologies are continually being developed to provide a light weight, comfortable suit that also protects the driver without compromise.

At race-boots.com we stock the latest race suits from Adidas in a variety of colours with plenty of space for sponsorship and customisation.