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Schuberth SF3 ABP Motorsport Carbon Helmet

Schuberth SF3 ABP Carbon is a masterfully handcrafted motorsport helmet manufactured with excellent comfort, unmatched external finish with attention to detail! Homologation FIA 8860-2018 and SNELL SA 2015.


With nearly 100 years dedicated to the development of head protection solutions and 20 years supplying top drivers in F1, IndyCar and other top series, with the safest and most technologically advanced helmets SCHUBERTH offers in its range for motorsports helmets: the Schuberth SF3 ABP Carbon.


The unparalleled know-how of our R&D department has brought together all available tools in our carbon, wind tunnel, audio and load testing labs to produce the state-of-the-art helmet. Safety, comfort, aerodynamic tuning, noise reduction and optional integrated electronics have all combined to make the SP1 CARBON the ultimate carbon helmet.


Schuberth SF3 ABP Carbon is an exclusive, autoclave, carbon fiber shell masterfully handcrafted to create a unique helmet that combines low weight solid construction and superior safety in the iconic SCHUBERTH design.


Each SF3 CARBON helmet is produced in Schuberth's own factory in Italy, by the same people who produce helmets for various F1 drivers.


With an impressive list of technological features, the Schuberth SF3 ABP Carbon is not just a motorsport helmet but a powerhouse of technological know-how masterfully blended with outstanding comfort, unparalleled external finish and exquisite attention to detail.


The SF3 ABP CARBON has been developed with extensive wind tunnel testing to achieve ideal aerodynamics and optimum airflow. It offers a perfect aerodynamic balance that can be adjusted with different spoilers and air-scoops to meet the demands of any type of race.


FULL CARBON SHELL Lightweight, hand laid carbon, autoclaved shell. 12 VENTILATION CHANNELS ON THE SHELL Optimal circulation is achieved through aerodynamic design and built-in airflow channels in the EPS, which provide the ideal flow for intake of cool air and exhaust for warm air. In the open air, the helmet feeds 14 litres of fresh air per second at 100 km/h.


3 MM THICK VISOR 3D INJECTED Injected visor derived directly from F1 expertise. Twelve different visors available in transparent dark with multiple reflections and multi-layer mirror coating options. All standard visors are equipped with Pinlock® 120 lens for optimal fogproof performance.


Tear Offs buttons are also installed. VISOR LOCK SYSTEM Two-stage visor lock is directly derived from F1 expertise. The visor always closes symmetrically and therefore safely. READY FOR COMMUNICATION SYSTEM Cable channels in the wall cushions are provided for easy installation of radio communication. A full selection of plug & play integrated electronics is optionally available.

Schuberth SF3 ABP Motorsport Carbon Helmet

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